Goyogi's Calm Organic Cotton Collection is created from the best materials, targeted at the conscious yogi. We are very proud of our Calm Organic Cotton range and we can see that you love it too!

It is perhaps especially popular because of its good materials and its calm, Nordic-inspired color tones. We hope that here in our CALM collection, you will find the right tools for your yoga practice.


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Welcome to GOYOGI's Calm Organic Cotton Collection - a series of pillows and equipment created with a focus on organic cotton and buckwheat hulls for the quality-conscious yogi. We are thrilled with the positive response to our Calm Organic Cotton range and are delighted to see that you love it too.

With our Nordic-inspired color tones and good materials, the series has become particularly popular. We hope that in our CALM collection you will find the right tools for your yoga practice. Our meditation cushions are perfect for mindfulness, meditation and relaxation, while our yoga bolsters and yoga poles will provide support and support in your daily yoga practice. We also offer carrying straps and bags for your yoga mat, as well as heavy blankets and fine eye pillows for your relaxation in savasana.

Our products are designed to give you the best possible experience in your yoga and meditation practice. Our heavy blankets will give you the peace and weight you need to relax, while our yoga poles and bolsters will give you the necessary support and relief in your asana practice.

We also offer different shapes of meditation cushions such as round, crescent (moon shaped), rectangular and zafu (butterfly) so you can choose the one that suits you best. Our pillows are filled with cotton and buckwheat hulls and covered with organic cotton and linen.

You can also find a zabuton floor cushion which provides extra support under your meditation cushion and our meditation cushions come in different heights such as low, medium and high. We recommend choosing a height that suits your flexibility and your sitting position.

A meditation pillow provides correct position and support during your meditation and reduces irritation, sleeping legs and lower back and back pain. We are proud to offer the best meditation cushion on the market and we can highly recommend our own GOYOGI Calm Organic Cotton series.

You are always welcome to visit our showroom in Hellebæk, north of Copenhagen, where you can try our pillows and equipment. We are ready to help you find the right meditation cushion and the right equipment for your yoga practice.