Your Mantra jewellery

Size & Care Guide

Size? Length? Care? Circumcision?

When you have chosen your mala and your mantra, you have also chosen a mala in a certain 'size' - or rather a mala with either beads in size 4, 6 or 8mm.

There is only one of the mala in 4mm stone - I am true. The rest are in either 6mm or 8mm beads.

Malas in 6mm stone beads are usually between 50-55cm from the logo tag to the end of the Guru pendant. But remember that the knots will give a little and the chain will get a little longer over time. It is completely natural and to be expected.

The same applies to malas in 8mm stone beads. They are usually between 60-65 cm from the logo tag to the end of the tassel and get a little longer over time.

Size guide

Mantra bracelet

Once you've chosen your bracelet and mantra, it's time to choose your size.

And it's important to get measured properly so that you don't have to send it back for a different size.

Str. small - 17 stones - Ø 15-17.5cm
For you with small/general. wrist

Str. Medium - 19 stones - Ø 17.5-19.5cm

For you with normal/slightly strong wrists

1) Measure your wrist with a string or measuring tape.
2) The cord should not be too loose, but not too tight either. Find the golden mean.
3) Be sure to measure where your bracelet will sit. If you like it a little loose, then measure where your wrist is widest and if you want to make sure it is reasonably tight, then measure where you are narrowest.
4) See which category your target falls into. Small, medium, large?

If your measurements fall between 14-18 cm, choose a bracelet in size small. If your measurements fall between 17-20 cm, choose a bracelet in size medium. If your measurements fall between 19-22 cm, choose a bracelet in size large.

And one important thing! ⚡️ Remember that your bracelet will give a little with use and get a little bigger. It is therefore better to choose a size small rather than a size medium if your measurement is, for example, 17.5 cm.

Take good care of your tools


Once you have received your mala, you will of course want to wear it - all the time, perhaps? And of course you should! But remember to treat it well and with respect.

Stones are very hard (Mohr's scale) and the drilled holes in the beads will eventually rub into the string, so the better you take care of your mala, the longer the string will last.

But what should you do to take the best care of your mala?

Take it off and on - gently and slowly.

DO NOT use it as a bracelet by not wrapping it around the wrist. Use a Mantra bracelet instead.

Take it off when you go to bed.

Take it off when you take a shower, swim in the sea, or exercise where you sweat

Put it in the box when not in use

Do not store it in the bathroom where it can get damp

Choose it actively in the morning when you get dressed and set your energy for the day. It is a very powerful ritual and it helps to take care of your mala - and of course the same goes for your bracelet.

Of your mantra jewel


If your Mantra jewelry breaks - hopefully because you are wearing it and using it actively, as a tool and an energy jewelry - you can always have it replaced.

Each bead is pulled on a new string, and each and every knot tied anew - even the tassel/lock is tied from the very beginning.

Yes, you actually get a brand new piece of jewelry!

You can read more about redrawing here

We hope this little guide will be of use to you 🙏


Mantra jewelery designer at GOYOGI