Yoga and mindfulness can be fantastic tools for children and young people in a pressured and stressful time in their lives, but for many young people these tools are quite simply not an integral part of everyday life. GOYOGI would like to do something about that.

GOYOGI – a Danish company specializing in producing, selling and providing guidance on yoga equipment and yoga clothes – has therefore established a foundation which aims to strengthen children's and young people's knowledge of yoga and mindfulness.

By creating more awareness about yoga and its many facets, the foundation will focus on the well-being of young people and how this can be improved via the old - but now scientifically well-documented - and holistically beneficial methods from the yoga system.

And through various initiatives, pools and events, the schools, parents, children and young people who apply for the foundation's pools must be introduced to simple but effective yoga-based methods that can prevent and reduce stress and unhappiness.

The foundation's first initiative will be to create and distribute special 'school yoga sets' of yoga mats + picture and text material for the adults, which must be able to be used across grade levels throughout the school. Via yoga mats and 'yoga cards', the intention is that the students at a given school should have the opportunity to practice yoga and mindfulness in, for example, class time, sports class, or together with the substitute.

Via the easy-to-understand maps and instructions, the students must gain a greater understanding of their own abilities and opportunities to handle the stress and anxiety, as well as the heavy or challenging emotions they may encounter in their daily lives - both at home and at school. The students will thus become familiar with small yoga and mindfulness exercises that can make a big difference to them in a short time.

The yoga cards and descriptions for the teachers/adults were prepared by Hanne Mouritsen from Pure Nordic Yoga and the yoga mats are produced by GOYOGI.

In fact, studies show that more and more primary school pupils - 42% of girls and 33% of boys - feel pressured or stressed because of school and homework (Børns Vilkår and Trygfonden, 2020). Stress manifests itself especially in students in the form of difficulty concentrating, thoughts, sleep and eating disorders, mood swings, sadness, exhaustion, headaches and a lack of desire to come to class.

Precisely for this reason, the GOYOGI Yoga for Youth foundation will offer primary schools across the country to apply for a free 'school yoga set' consisting of 20 GOYOGI yoga mats, as well as yoga maps and descriptions, specially developed for children and young people, by Hanne Mouritsen from Pure Nordic Yoga.

In this way, yoga and mindfulness must become available to all year groups in an entire school and give students and teachers the opportunity to train and enhance the beneficial techniques and effects of a more continuous yoga practice. By giving the adults the opportunity to easily do yoga and mindfulness exercises with children and young people of all ages, they will be able to contribute to the students being able to feel the effects on their own bodies and gain a deeper understanding of how the exercises affect their bodies, concentration and mood. The written material and the yoga cards were developed by Hanne Mouritsen from Pure Nordic Yoga, who has many years of experience teaching yoga for children and young people.

The foundation raises funds for its projects via the sale of GOYOGI's own products and the profits thereof. In this way, GOYOGI's customers directly help support the foundation's work to improve the well-being of children and young people via yoga and mindfulness. Tools that GOYOGI's customers themselves know so well and use in their daily lives.

With the YOGA FOR YOUTH FOUNDATION, GOYOGI wants to contribute to a greater awareness of yoga, mindfulness and a more calm and balanced life in general. Via the foundation and the day-to-day operation and development of the GOYOGI brand, the company will now focus even more on and work concretely with the following UN Global Goals: 'Health and Well-being', 'Quality training' and 'Responsible consumption and production'.

Go be a yogi – every day!


Yin Yoga Bundle | Pink


Yin Yoga Bundle | Pink

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