The Chakra Collection

Focus on the seven chakras (energy centers) with this collection of powerful GOYOGI Mantra chakra jewelry and look within for more calm, awareness, strength and peace.

By focusing on the (linguistic) energies of the beautiful gemstones and diamonds and linking them to the properties and meanings of the seven chakras, Marlene Schnoor has put together a series of very special and energy-filled necklaces that will help you see deeper and more focused on yourself - and your Self.

Gemstones and diamonds in 18k gold rings set on graceful, thin 18k gold chains that really let your chakra gemstone stand out in its own light.

Explore this beautiful and powerful collection of chakra necklaces and let yours be inspired. Use the ancient tales from the yoga system and the world of crystals to show you the way - like little shining Gurus.


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