Månedens bundle - Meditation, fokus og ro.

Experience an immersive and luxurious meditation with our deluxe meditation bundle from the Mindful Linen collection. Created to enhance your mindfulness practice, this exclusive collection will take your meditation to new heights.
In our DELUXE MEDITATION BUNDLE you can choose from our beautiful Mindful linen pillows, zabutons and eye pillows with an enchanting scent of lavender. These elements are carefully crafted and designed to ensure maximum comfort and focus during your meditation.

Mindful Linen Zabuton is a soft and padded floor cushion that provides a comfortable base for your meditation. It supports your knees, ankles and feet so you can achieve a stable and relaxed sitting position. With its luxurious quality and durable materials, a zabuton is the perfect base for your meditation cushion.
Our Mindful Linen meditation cushions (crescent and zafu) are specially designed to support your spine and maintain a straight posture during seated meditation. The meditation cushion helps relieve pressure and tension in the body, so you can achieve a more relaxed and balanced meditation. With its stylish and modern design, these cushions fit perfectly into any interior style.

To complete your meditative experience, we have also chosen to include our Mindful Linen Eye Pillow with a soothing scent of lavender. This eye pillow is made of soft and breathable material and your eyes completely calm for light and impression during the meditation and mindfluness guidings. The scent of lavender helps create a calming and relaxing atmosphere that promotes deep calm and inner peace.

Treat yourself to our extra delicious DELUXE MEDITATION BUNDLE and lift your meditation and mindfulness to new heights. Order your Deluxe bundle today and take the next step towards a deeper and more focused meditation.