Yoga Mala - Indra

Maha Mala

Yoga Mala - Indra - - Mala
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Indra reigns over the heavens and is king of the Gods, he is a great warrior symbolizing courage and strength. In his hand he holds a vajra, a powerful magical weapon- also known in Buddhism as the Dorje.

This Indra mala has been carefully made using crystals that symbolize the power and strength of Indra such as Carnelian, Citrine and Tiger Eye.

This mala bead necklace is traditionally used as a tool for mantra chanting and meditation. Today we also wear them as yoga jewellery and healing jewellery.

Each crystal bead in this mala has metaphysical therapeutic qualities that benefit the wearer.

Product Information:

  • A mix of Calcite, Carnelian, Citrine, Jasper, Tiger Eye, Sunstone, Smoky Quartz and Rudraksha