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En skøn yogamåtte og træningsmåtte med optimal støtte fra det danske firma Moonchild Yoga Wear. 
6mm tyk yogamåtte og træningsmåtte. Denne yoga måtter er perfekt til yoga hvor det vigtigste for dig er en optimal støtte til led og muskler.
Moonchild yogamåtten er en yogamåtte med ekstra tykkelse og yogamåtten egner sig især til restorativ yoga, yin yoga og kan med fordel også anvendes som træningsmåtte der hjemme. Måtten egner sig ikke til hot yoga eller mere svedige former for yoga.

Yogamåtten er særdeles slidstærk og stødabsorberende. 

Kan rengøres med en fugtig klud. 
OBS: Som med alle PVC-yogamåtter kræver denne en "break-in" periode - læs nedenfor hvordan du forbedre dit grip.

Moonchild introduces the all new Impact Yoga Mat in a deep black color with white Moonchild logo. Unsurpassed in longevity, grip and thickness, this high performance mat will withstand the impact of your practice, whilst providing grip and extra cushioning.


  • 6mm thickness
  • Superior cushion and comfort
  • High Grade PVC (AZO, DOP, phthalate and latex free)
  • 184 x 61 cm
  • Weight: 2.9kg

How to break in your new Moonchild Impact Yoga Mat:

New yoga mats require you to break them in before they’re ready for prime time, just like a new pair of shoes. With these easy tips for breaking in your new mat, you’ll be ready to enjoy class slip-free before you know it!

Salt scrub: One great way to break in your new mat to prevent slipping is to mix sea salt with a bit of warm water and wipe down your mat with a washcloth or kitchen sponge. Leave it for a few hours and then, wipe the mat clean with a wet towel. The salt scrub mimics the effects of long-time use and can help to speed up the break-in period.

Use your mat frequently: Okay, so maybe this isn’t the most exciting tip, but it definitely works! Not only should you be using your mat frequently in practice, but you can bring it home and use it even more to speed up the process. Practice your poses from class or kick off your shoes and walk on it with your bare feet while you watch TV!

Use a towel: Does your practice get sweaty? Best option is to purchase a yoga towel to lay on top of your mat can help prevent slipping. These towels are always recommended for hot yoga, but even for all types of yoga practice, using a towel after purchasing a new mat can save you from some of that new-mat frustration.