Community class - Uplifting Free Flow - 27. Maj 2018

27. Maj 2018 - Community class - Uplifting Free Flow v/Angie 

Come and join our free community class in Aarhus with Angie. The Class will be a dynamic vinyasa class which encourages you to move your body, focus your mind on your movement and breathing and leave a little "freer" of the things that no longer serve you.
Angies words about the class:

I strongly believe in working with your body, rather than against it. Everybody's body is different and I encourage you to explore, celebrate and focus on your yoga practice, no one else’s! 

I have life-long commitment to self-exploration, development and growth; I’ve trained in various disciplines of yoga philosophy and asana, including ashtanga, rocket, mandala vinyasa and yin yoga. As such, I offer yin yoga, gentle vinyasa and strong vinyasa classes to allow people to try different styles and I encourage open-minded approach to what a yoga practice “should and should not be”.

I combine pranayama and asana cues with (what I consider to be) humour and aim to facilitate a practice that allows you to work your body, get out of any stagnant thoughts or mindsets and explore a calmer, more connected sense of self.

For this class I will share a strong vinyasa yoga classes that places emphasis on intelligent movement of the body linked to a steady breath and an equally strong sense of compassion for yourself.

You can visit Angie at www.the-wee-yogini.com

Please bring your own yoga mat - if you don't have any, write an E-mail to support@goyogi.dk - we have a few mats here. 

The Class will be in English 

The class will start at 10:00 AM - it would be a good idea to arrive around 9:45

Adress: Graven 23, 8000 Aarhus C

Namaste from team GOYOGI <3 






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