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Mantra by Marlene Schnoor

Root Chakra | Raw, black diamond in 18k gold chain

Root Chakra | Raw, black diamond in 18k gold chain

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Mantra chakra necklace in 18k gold with a raw, uncut black diamond in an 18k gold ring.

The diamond is a highly potent and particularly exciting gemstone to work with. Its name is derived from the Greek adamas , which means "indomitable", "unbreakable" or "untamable" and of the word diaphanus, which means "transparent" and "delicate".

Diamonds are created from carbon and are one of the hardest minerals from our nature, so it is not surprising that it has embedded strong linguistic energies such as strength , clarity , light and courage in itself.

Diamonds have also been worn by powerful and influential people throughout the ages, as symbols of leadership, power and wisdom. But they have also traditionally been used as protection and protection against negative energies and external threats.

In many cultures, diamonds are believed to cleanse, restore and balance the body, mind and soul, and because of their beauty and clarity, they have been associated with the power to enlighten the mind and Self and to provide mental clarity and insight.

Therefore, diamonds are powerful tools in both your spiritual work and in your meditation and yoga practice. You can advantageously use them to foster courage, insight, mental strength and spiritual wisdom, but also as particularly powerful tools for manifestation and abundance!

Black stones have always been associated with protection and overview. So use your black diamond to ward off negative energy and to stay calm in any situation.

Root / Muladhara / मुलाधार
Imagine the crimson light shining where your spine becomes your coccyx. At the very bottom of your body when you are sitting in tailor's position or lotus.

This is where your root chakra is located and it has to do with grounding and trust.

If this chakra is in balance and prana (energy) can flow freely through it, you will feel grounded, calm, confident and have your basic needs met.

If the root chakra is out of balance, you may feel that you have difficulty standing firm, are flighty, have an unhealthy distrust of the world around you, or have a lack of basic necessities, such as food, sleep, or a roof over your head.

So focus on this chakra and feel the calm descend every time you put on your piece of jewelry. Feel the power of the brown diamond and let your mental roots extend deeper and deeper into the part of your world that gives you strength, support and peace. Stand strong and firm, calm and in abundance.

Gold is often associated with the sun, with light and with energy in its purest form. Because sunlight is what gives us energy, but it also reminds us that we ourselves are energy. Every atom in our bodies vibrates with energy just waiting to be released. And with the energy comes the heat and the action. You are light and energy and you have the seeds of greatness within you - you just have to dare to take action and let your light shine. Dare to take ownership of your life and alternate between the deterministic and the indeterministic. Nothing is black or white, but rather in eternal flow and balance. So be brave and harvest the energy that burns inside you, but also trust that there is a path ahead of you that you can safely follow. You have to sow your seed and watch it sprout and grow - even out of the blackest soil something beautiful, strong and potent can grow.

Beej Mantra for Muladhara chakra; LAMB

How to care for your jewelry:

It is important that you take good care of your Mantra chakra necklace if it is to last. The chain is very delicate and petite and it is therefore clearly recommended that you do not sleep, play hard sports or take a shower with it on.

A piece of jewelery like this requires both presence, respect and loving treatment - but it is a powerful piece of jewelery precisely because you have to choose it every day and create your focus when you put it on.

  • Always treat your mantra jewelry with respect and love
  • Be careful and loving when taking your Mantra chakra jewelry on and off
  • Never expose it to water or water vapor in large quantities
  • Put your chakra jewelry in the box when you are not wearing it
  • Do not drop it or let small children play with it
  • Do not sleep with your Mantra chakra jewelry on as the flimsy chain may break.

Like the malas and bracelets, the chakra gold chains are intended as tools for your inner journey. Tools for meditation, awareness raising, manifestation, mindfulness and abundance! Simply put, a Mantra chakra piece of jewelery is an investment in yourself and your dreams. By creating focus and using the chakras actively in your meditations and your work with the Self, you will see that your dreams and goals become more concrete and achievable. It all starts in you!


Length of 18k gold chain: 45 cm or 42 cm.

Pendant: Raw, uncut real and natural black diamond in 18k gold ring.

KPC certified and purchased through De Beers Group auctions from our wholesaler in DK.

*Be aware that malas and other mantra jewelry cannot cure serious physical or mental illness. Mantra jewelry is intended as mental tools for yoga, meditation, manifestation, mindfulness, and self-development - not for curing disease.

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