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Calm Crescent Crescent Meditation Cushion - Natural - for yoga and meditation

Calm Crescent Crescent Meditation Cushion - Natural - for yoga and meditation

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Our crescent shaped meditation cushion is designed to help you sit comfortably and with relaxed hips during your meditation. A crescent-shaped meditation cushion gives you a stable sitting surface with room to pull your ankles close to your body.

How to sit on the meditation cushion

Place yourself on the pillow in a cross-legged position with your knees down towards the floor as far as possible. You bring your knees down by leaning forward a little so that you feel your pelvis tilt forward. This gives you a good S-shape on your spine.
Your spine must have the same shape, so when you stand up with a straight back. To achieve this holding, most people need a cushion to sit on. See the picture opposite.

You can advantageously use our Calm Organic Cotton Crescent meditation pillow when you have good flexibility in the hips and you like a harder and more solid pillow.⁠ Because the pillow is filled with cotton, it will be firmer to sit on than, for example, our round meditation cushions or our Mindful Linen moon-shaped meditation cushions, which have been filled with buckwheat hulls.

If you are less flexible in your hips and need to sit higher, we can recommend ours  Calm Round Meditation Cushion .

In order to achieve the best sitting position on your cushion, it is our recommendation that you always ensure that your knees are lower than your hips and that you sit on your seat legs and not on your tailbone.

Benefits of sitting on a meditation cushion:

  • You get extra support and the height that makes your knees lower than your hips.
  • You can sit longer in your meditation
  • You avoid getting pain in your lower back, back or legs
  • You can sit tall and in an active sitting position with the right S-from on the spine

Benefits of meditation and mindfulness exercises:

  • Meditation provides better sleep and deep calm
  • Meditation creates focus and makes you more calm and focused
  • Mindfulness exercises can create more joy, harmony and calm
  • Mindfulness helps you find greater gratitude
  • Meditation and breathing exercises de-stress the nervous system
  • Meditation and breathing exercises can give you a good start to the day

You can advantageously place your moon-shaped meditation cushion on top of one GOYOGI Calm Zabuton for extra support for the seat and lower legs.

40 cm wide x 27 cm deep x 12 cm high
1.2 kg
The outer cover is made of 100% organic cotton and the pillow's filling is made of pure cotton.

Designed in Denmark and produced in India.
Part of the Calm Organic Cotton series from GOYOGI.

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Would you like to start meditating? Would you like to create a dedicated space for your new practice?

Then here is the perfect bundle for you - quite simply!

A fantastic meditation pillow + supportive zabuton.

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The meditation cushion is filled with fine buckwheat hulls, so that it can be adjusted down in height as you become more flexible. The large floor pillow is filled with cotton and both pillows have a removable and washable cover made of the most delicious organic cotton.

You can choose from our seven beautiful shades and you can now also mix and match colors so that you get exactly the look you want.

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