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Mantra by Marlene Schnoor

Mantra bracelet - 'I choose my own path'

Mantra bracelet - 'I choose my own path'

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Mantra Bracelet in Bamboo Jasper, Sunstone, Pink Aventurine and Pink Opal with Rock Crystal Guru and Ruby Endstone

Bamboo Jasper relates to both the upper and lower chakras. It will help you visualize and think clearly, as well as find the creativity needed to really manifest the changes you want. Furthermore, the gentle energies are good tools against stress in a busy everyday life.

Sunstone acts as a block for bad energies and keeps stress and uncertainty at bay. Let it shine for you in dark times and let it remind you that there is always a new day coming. Let it be your 'silver lining'.

Pink Aventurine belongs to the heart chakra and can evoke a wonderful feeling of well-being. It is a very calming stone and it can help you see alternatives and other paths to take in your life. It removes the feeling of being trapped in a special situation.

Pink opal is a powerful stone for emotional balancing and for emotional issues. It can relieve grief and trauma from your past. Its peaceful energy helps you make peace with bad memories and move on.

Ruby is a power stone that propels you towards your goals with intense strength. Confidence and motivation are keywords.

Rock crystal is linked to the crown chakra. It allows you to be patient and open, and then it helps you see the world in a clear and positive light.

    A mantra jewelry with meaning:

    All mantra jewelry is handmade, with love, with good energy and is created from materials of high quality and strength. The tassel in the malas is personally tied. ​When the mantra jewelry is finished binding, it is given a mantra that matches its energy and its stone. Words are a form of energy, therefore a lot of time is spent finding the right words to associate with your mantra jewelry. You can therefore use them for meditation, but also to create focus in yourself by wearing them and feeling their weight.

    How to care for your jewelry:

    Here you will get a guide on how to take best care of your new Mantra jewellery.

    It is important to take good care of your mala or bracelet if you want it to help you for a long time.

    Like all other jewellery, it can break, so here are tips on how to take care of it as well as possible.

    • Always treat your mantra jewelry with respect
    • Be careful and loving when taking it on and off
    • Never expose it to water or steam
    • Do not hide it away in small closed rooms, but give it air and freedom
    • Do not drop it or let small children play with it.

    Your mantra jewelry is a tool. A tool for meditation, yoga, manifestation and mindfulness. In short, it's an investment in you and your dreams.

    Specifications & Size Guide:

    Str. small - 17 stones - Ø 15-17.5cm
    For you with small/general. wrist

    Str. Medium - 19 stones - Ø 17.5-19.5cm
    For you with normal/slightly strong wrists

    All bracelets are tied on strong nylon cord to achieve the best durability.

    There may be slight color differences in the natural stones and slight variations in the length of the cords, as no two bracelets end up being the same. The overall impression of the jewelery can thus vary. However, the bracelet you buy is always in the same stone and on the same string as the bracelets you see here in the pictures.

    *Be aware that malas and other mantra jewelry cannot cure serious physical or mental illness. Mantra jewelry is intended as mental tools for yoga, meditation, manifestation, mindfulness, and self-development - not for curing disease.

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