It is recommended to clean this mat only as described, as this guide is specifically recommended for Liforme mats.

Here's how you do it
These cleanings are according to Liforme approved cleaning instructions.

Clean the mat properly
Use a small drop of dish soap diluted very much with plenty of water. Gently wipe your mat with a non- scratching sponge that is damp and wrung out. As an alternative to dish soap, you can try a more natural solution of lemon juice, very strongly diluted in plenty of water. We recommend that you only clean your mat approx. every 5-10 uses. If you regularly practice in sweaty conditions, you may want to clean your mat more often, but remember that while the planet-friendly Liforme mat's materials are extremely durable for yoga practice, over-cleaning or using cleaning products will wear down the materials faster. We do not recommend using any chemical mat cleaner sprays or essential oil sprays as they can potentially damage the mat.

Let it dry
After any exercise, especially a sweat, and let your mat dry completely after cleaning before rolling it up. Heading straight home from your class? then it's no problem, just roll it up, take it home and roll it out again to dry as soon as you have the chance.

Cleaning sprays often contain oils and chemicals that can affect your mat, so avoid using these. We strongly recommend that you avoid using essential oils, body lotions or moisturizers on your skin immediately before using your Liforme mat. As the Liforme mats have an open cell structure on the surface, it can absorb these oils which could then leave a stain. This will not normally affect the actual use of the mat, but the staining can be difficult to get out.

Your mat is designed to be rolled with the top side (the colored side with the alignment design) on the outside between uses. It is important to roll it this way to ensure that your mat lays nice and flat every time you use it when you are at your practice.

Avoid leaving your mat out in the sun for long periods
Your mat is, (especially important), biodegradable, therefore prolonged exposure to the sun could cause your mat to break down faster. But don't worry, the mats won't be damaged by a bit of sunshine, so there's no need to worry too much about this.