Here's how you do it

To clean the mat, you can mix water with a few drops of mild sulfo/soap. Use a hard-wrung cloth and clean the mat thoroughly. Now take a clean cloth with only lukewarm water and repeat the process. Make sure all the soap is off the mat. Allow the mat to dry completely before rolling it up.

Jade recommends:
For regular maintenance of the mat, routine cleaning is recommended by wiping your mat with a damp cloth every week. If you've had a hard/sweaty practice or done hot yoga, we recommend you do it after each use.

We also recommend using Jade plant-based dishwashing liquid, which is specially designed for natural rubber yoga mats.

The really important thing is to never use alcohol, oil based solvents or highly concentrated essential oils on your mat. Unfortunately, these cleaning products have a negative effect on the natural rubber in the Jade mats, causing it to break down and dry out. Essential oils can also cause your mat to become slippery. It has been seen before that many yoga mat sprays on the market have high concentrations of such essential oils.