Take your yoga equipment with you on the go.

If you usually bring a water bottle, towel and maybe even a change of clothes in addition to your rolled-up mat, we recommend that you get a practical yoga bag in which you can easily store and transport all your things.

The width of the yoga mat is often the biggest problem compared to having it in a regular sports bag. The bag should be over 63 cm wide or long, as this is the standard size of many of the roll-up yoga mats. Many bags are equipped with straps so you can carry it over your shoulder or on your back. There are not only elongated bags, but also more spacious models with room for all your training equipment, e.g. if you are off to a long-term yoga event.

A yoga bag is also handy for storage at home. Bags made from a material such as nylon, which is water and dirt resistant, is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who may not get past a shower every day. If the bag is also made from a material with moisture-transporting properties, it helps to keep both the bag and the mat fresh, so they can be used again and again, year after year.

Once you have chosen the right yoga mat, it is important to find the best bag or carrying strap to transport it to and from training. Below we have created an overview that shows which of our Manduka yoga bags fit your yoga mat.

If you need help and guidance or if your yoga mat is not from Manduka, write to us at and we will find the yoga bag that suits you best.

Guide to choosing a yoga bag from Manduka

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