At Energii in Østerbro and Energii in Aarhus you can train Heat It Up. The training is carried out in a room heated to 37 degrees. The training is very functional and there is therefore a great focus on strengthening the mobility, flexibility and strength of your body. The heat is healing and it supports the training by e.g. to soften muscles, promote combustion and improve your recovery.

In many people, the bad form and the lack of a basic desire to train is due, among other things, to the many complicated and ineffective forms of training. Often the different body parts are isolated too much from each other and this leads to unbalanced training and disappointing results.
Heat It Up is pure strength and endurance training that provides better balance, greater flexibility and more body awareness.

The training methods from Heat It Up can be advantageously carried over to all other types of training. Dumbbells, pilates rings and foam rollers are often used for Heat It Up, which help to give the form of training even more options for variation.

You will sweat a lot when you do Heat It Up and it is therefore important to train in comfortable clothes that are designed to quickly get rid of the heat. Onzie and K-DEER have made clothes for Heat It Up and you will find beautiful leggings, capris and shorts as well as tops here at - all perfect for your next Heat It Up training.

Remember to bring a towel - these are mandatory in order to participate in the training. A non-slip towel from Yogitoes is perfect for Heat It up training .