Do you need meditation and self-indulgence?

We can all, in these times, need to take a deep breath and stretch out extra. Do you need to hold on to what gives you peace and do you need renewed energy? Perhaps you can remind yourself that it is okay to be present in the present during a changing time. Notice what is happening right now and here. We will therefore show you our bolsters and pillows which can help you with your meditation.


The round Meditation cushion is filled with buckwheat husks. This beautiful pillow is particularly good to use when you are sitting in tailor's position or other sitting meditations . In addition, it can be used as extra support in seated forward bends, where it can be nice to get a lift under the hips. The pillow can also be used for support during other positions, especially Restorative Yoga, where the softness and height are ideal for letting go and relaxing.

Rectangular B cushions filled with buckwheat hulls. Due to its rectangular shape and relatively flat height of 10 cm, this bolster is super useful in a multitude of ways. It is good for giving a boost during sitting positions, and can also be used as a meditation pillow.

The shape makes it useful as both a neck support during lying positions, but can be used with advantage for all Restorative Yoga positions. It is easy to use and easy to move around and adjust so you get exactly the support you need.

GOYOGI Yoga Bolster with filling of buckwheat hulls, and is particularly good for many different positions. It is designed to mold to you and to give you extra support regardless of whether you are in lying or sitting yoga positions such as Savasana.

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