S'WELL Summer

The hot summer this year boosted sales of the S'WELL bottle, and we are looking forward to getting the new autumn collection home in stores. The new colors are super nice and with a S'WELL bottle in hand, you don't need to buy plastic bottles, thus helping to reduce plastic consumption, which is one of nature's most dangerous enemies.

In 2010, S'WELL was launched with the mission to create a beautiful, passionate bottle that combines fashion with function, as well as reducing the consumption of plastic bottles worldwide. All summer they have been running a campaign in the US with the hashtag #ReduceTheUse. In the US alone, 50 billion plastic bottles are bought each year.

Here are five simple ways you can reduce your plastic consumption in addition to buying a reusable water bottle:

  1. Morning coffee To-Go : Avoid plastic paper cups. Paper cups are lined with plastic to make them waterproof, and most recycling machines are unable to separate the paper exterior from the plastic. Instead, get a to-go cup or simply use your S'WELL bottle, which can also keep your coffee hot for up to 12 hours.
  1. Avoid buying plastic bags and say no to bags made of plastic when you shop. Take the tote bag with you instead when you shop, and buy fruit and vegetables from the shelves that are not wrapped in plastic.
  1. Your dishcloth: Use an eco-cotton or plastic-free cloth in your kitchen and in your cleaning.
  1. Creams: Avoid using products with microplastics. Many cosmetic products still contain microplastic beads, which are invisible to the naked eye. Since the treatment plants are not designed to filter out the plastic particles, they end up in the world's oceans and once there, it is impossible to remove again. Download the 'Beat the Microbead' app for free and check your cream before you buy.
  1. Out on a trip: We can all contribute to cutting down on plastic in our daily lives. If we all pick up a piece of plastic waste when we go out for a walk, in the long run we will be able to see a change in the amount of waste in nature and in the city. A simple but effective way to stop plastic pollution.

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