Meet author and Ayurveda expert Maria Juhl at GOYOGI

Come by the store when author and Ayurveda expert Maria Juhl visits us. Maria was trained by Deepak Chopra in the USA and is current with the book Live more - Fight less: Ayurvedic lifestyle in the Nordics!
It will take place in Aarhus on Monday 13.11 at 15.30-17 and in Kbh on Tuesday 21.11 at 16-17.30
Come and test your "ayurveda type", get good tips for your balance, hear more about Ayurvedic lifestyle, get some healthy drink from Organic Human and the opportunity to buy Maria's book signed.
Text about the book:

Maria Juhl's book "Live more - Fight less" will basically educate you to achieve lasting health, life energy, balance and joy... With this book, Maria Juhl is at the forefront of a movement to promote holistic healing, health, well-being and higher consciousness”

- Deepak Chopra, world-famous health role model and best-selling author

"Live more - Fight less" is the book for everyone who seeks a deeper and more fundamental understanding of their own health or lack thereof, adapted to the Nordic lifestyle and climate.

In a country that is often grey, wet and cold, we tend to act quickly and perform. This survival strategy is smart, but at the same time means that we are constantly in a kind of preparedness. We can always do more and fight harder. It is exhausting in the long run and many people today suffer from stress, burnout and depression. At the same time, many people go around and feel half-satisfied. When the symptoms become apparent, we search with all our might for a quick solution instead of aiming for a continuous, sustainable lifestyle.

The book brings us in a logical and easily digestible way back to the core of ourselves, which is actually self-balancing to a large extent if we just listen to it and take it seriously enough. At the same time, the book provides the necessary insight into Ayurveda, the several thousand-year-old, worldwide health science, and contains all aspects of how you can maintain a healthy and harmonious lifestyle, and significantly increase your joy of life and life energy!

The book will teach you to fight less and instead feel and sense more, and contains tasks designed to help you integrate Ayurvedic lifestyle into everyday life, as well as a code for online training and further inspiration.

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