Book signing with Susanne Lidang

Come and meet yoga teacher and great-aunt, Susanne Lidang on 1 October 2019 at 15.30 - 18.00 at GOYOGI Dag Hammerskjölds Alle 42 A, 2100 Copenhagen Ø . Here, Susanne Lidang will sign her new book "Yoga for back, neck and shoulders" and share her underlying message with us all:
Love for the back - and increased quality of life - and joy for the people!
The book was created on the basis of hundreds of sore and pain-plagued backs that have passed through my yoga laboratory in my work as a yoga teacher. Many have benefited greatly from the exercises I have given them.

The happy - and truthful - message reads: 10-15 minutes of daily exercises, possibly sprinkled throughout the day, combined with a little everyday movement, makes a noticeable difference!
Susanne Lidang shows in the book how you can sneak your stretches into a completely ordinary and busy everyday life.
Like a few morning stretches in bed before you get out of it (then it's done - check!), on the chair during the break - chair yoga, if you will - like a few gentle stretches in the evening to get you into gear and maybe you supplement with a little extra strength and/or ball massage of the neck/shoulder area at the weekend.

You are welcome to ask Susanne Lidang questions and/or have a personal chat with her about exercises especially for you, which effectively strengthen the muscles in the back, neck and shoulders.

The book "Yoga for back neck and shoulders" can of course be bought at GOYOGI and today we offer you a 15% discount on the book.

This event does not require registration, just turn up at GOYOGI and have a personal chat with Susanne.


Is a trained Hatha yoga teacher, author of the books WILD WITH YOGA (2015) and YOGA FOR RUNNERS - AND RUNNERS (2017) and lecturer. Susanne will publish her third book "Yoga for back, neck and shoulders" on 5/9 .

Read more at SUSANNELIDANG.DK and follow along on Facebook:

Susanne Lidang Yoga and Instagram: @susannelidang.

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