Book signing with Maria Juhl

Fantastic Maria Juhl has written another book and we have invited her to visit the shop and sign it on Friday 6 September from 15.00-16.30. Maria Juhl is one of Denmark's leading Ayurveda experts, and she has, among other things, held her Ayurvedic workshops with us in the store at Dag Hammerskjölds Allé 42A,
2100 Copenhagen East.
Maria has written Live more - fight less, which many of you know and now she is again current with a new book, AYUREVDA - FOLLOW NATURE'S RHYTHM, and today Maria is signing books, and you have the opportunity to learn more about the subject.
Maria Juhl has practiced the Ayurvedic principles for 18 years and is trained by Deepak Chopra in California.
The book can be purchased at GOYOGI and we offer a 15% discount on both the book and the Lakshmi products, which Maria Juhl also uses in her practice.
Come by the store and hear more about how to follow the rhythm of nature and get more life energy with AYURVEDA, when Ayurvedic lifestyle expert Maria Juhl visits GOYOGI.
This event does not require registration, just show up at GOYOGI and have a personal chat with Maria.

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