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Get well-being through aromatherapy! Yogamood's AUM product series has been carefully developed based on the principles of aromatherapy and with care to pamper the senses when you need a mood boost in everyday life. Yogamood offers three different fragrance notes, Activate, Unify and Meditate. Together, the three scents form AUM, which represents three different moods in yoga: Activity, balance and meditation.


The use of essential oils in yoga and meditation dates back thousands of years. The lovely aromas and their natural healing effect come from the botanical agents and active antioxidants. Essential oils can balance, uplift or calm the mind depending on what you want them to support. Essential oils come from plants, flowers and trees and each have their own unique properties and medicinal effects, e.g. Eucalyptus is uplifting and lavender is calming. When the ethereal scent notes pass through the airways, the notes come into direct contact with our memory center, and we respond instinctively and are thus put in a desired mood.

In AUM Body Oil and Body Scent you will find enriching almond oil, nourishing vitamin E and 100% pure essential oils. The essential oils stimulate the body's senses in different ways and support the mood you want. Body Scent can be used when you are on the move on your pulse points, and Body Oil can be used before yoga and meditation, after bathing, as a massage oil, hair treatment or when you need to pamper your senses. You can use Body Mist as a natural alternative to perfume or to set an atmosphere in the home, as a room spray.

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kommer heldragter hjem igen? de er udsolgt skriver I..😥

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