3. Advent - yoga creates calm

The 4 Advent Sundays are originally intended as a time for contemplation. Maybe you need to stop and take a break in between all the Christmas hustle and bustle and gift rush? You can create peace with yoga, and we have exciting reading that can guide you on how to get the most out of your yoga and life energy.

Light party
Lucia Day, also known as the Festival of Lights, is celebrated in the middle of December. Lucia means 'light' and this is especially seen here in the north, where the candles are brought into focus. Perhaps you can create a lighting atmosphere in your home for your Advent immersion?

Merry Christmas - Team GOYOGI

Ayurveda book

Maria Juhl
Ayurveda - Follow the rhythm of nature.
This book guides you on how you can use your powers to get more life energy by following the rhythm of nature. Buy book or see more click on the picture.

live more fight less book

Maria Juhl
Live more fight less.
The book is based on self-development and challenges you in your habits and thought patterns. The book contains tasks that bring insight into the Ayurvedic lifestyle as well as further inspiration. Buy book or see more, click on the picture.

Create your own light festival atmosphere at home with lights from Design Letters

Design Letters Design Letters

Are you going Christmas gift shopping or everyday shopping? so keep your hands clean with this fine dispenser from Design Letters. The dispenser is a perfect size for the bag.

Hand sanitizer Hand sanitizer

This stylish fabric net is created in a neat and iconic design and in 100% Oeko-Tex® cotton. Take it shopping or use it for storage.
Tote bag Tote bag

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