2nd Advent - A gift with special consideration

It's Christmas time, and there's nothing better than a gift that's given with special care. Perhaps you have someone in mind who deserves a high-quality gift? The fragrant essential oils are known to be pure pleasure therapy for body and mind and you can find a fine selection with us.

Merry Christmas -

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Oils from Yogamood

The natural oils from Yogamood - AUM Body Oil and Body Scent contain enriching almond oil, nourishing vitamin E and 100% pure essential oils. The body mist can be used both on the go or as a room spray.

Lavender oil Mint lemon oil
Orange oil Oil gift box
Gift set
The pure and organic essential oils from Florame are available in a large selection. You can buy the oils in a nice little package, which contains an oil and a nice wooden diffuser, which is perfect as a nice Advent or Christmas gift idea. Or how about a gift box with 3 types of relax oils.

Peppermint oil Lavender oil Tea tree oil Orange oil

Etheric oils
The essential oils from Florame each have their own properties and can fill the room with a lovely atmosphere and fragrance.

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