Partner - YOGA HUSET Aalborg

North Jutland's largest selection of yoga teams, instructors and styles. 

The purpose of yoga is to unite what has often been separated – the physical from the mental, ourselves from other people, nature and community.

At the same time, yoga is an effective form of training for body, mind and soul.

In the unique Vestbyen neighborhood, YOGA HUSET is an oasis in a busy everyday life, located right by Aalborg's beautiful waterfront. Here the FOCUS is on immersion, community and flexibility.

In YOGA HUSET Aalborg you will find 26 + classes a week - 15 Instructors - classes ALL days of the week. You will also find a house that holds many different events - stay updated here:

If you are looking for inspiration to try your hand at teaching yourself, then take a look here:

YOGA HUSET Aalborg - Strandvejen 19, 9000 Aalborg -


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Beginner Yoga Bundle

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