Partner - Julie Sichlau / Art of Heart Yoga

In addition to being GOYOGI's SoMe assistant, Julie is also a yoga teacher and founder of Art of Heart Yoga. She partly teaches her own yoga and meditation courses and is a regular yoga teacher at The Yoga Flat, Pakhus Yoga and at NOR Nordic Health House in Copenhagen. She is a creative writer and a nature-loving woman. Her teaching is characterized by playing with the poetry of life, which can be expressed with themes from yoga and the mystical traditions. She wants to create joy on the yoga mat, which is brought out into the world after the yoga session is over in the studio or on one of her transformative retreats in Denmark or abroad.

Julie has a deep love for the dynamic, meditative flow where we can express ourselves creatively and have fun. She teaches dedicatedly and with reflection in her own practice, which gives you the feeling of presence and trust. Yoga in its spiritual sense has always been a part of Julie's life, she has meditated, written a diary and chanted since she was a child. Her physical yoga practice later began on her travels to the US and Asia. Yoga quickly became a part of her. Both to build strength and flexibility, but also to find yourself back and create more space for balance and love.

Julie works with different themes, where she passes on her love for yoga and the rhythms of life. She says: 'We are collectively called to reconnect with our body, our intuition and the currents of our hearts. In a world full of misunderstandings, prejudices and deep wounds between people, healing begins when we are reunited with our own inner nature. The nature that wants to celebrate life, activates the dreamer, ignites our passion, transforms us and invites us to face life with humility, excitement and joy.


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