Free lectures and yoga at GOYOGI on Thursday 4 July at 18.30 - 20.00

Meet Maria Abildgaard, who will give a presentation about her own journey from a period of being stressed with anxiety attacks to finding balance in her life again.

Yoga became the anchor that brought Maria's balance back into balance again in a life with small children, a husband and two full-time jobs. Maria first found Yin yoga to slow down the pace, but pretty quickly she found Power yoga, which, with its gliding movements in sync with the breath, forced Maria to be 100% present right there.

Anxiety and stress just as slowly became a very small part of Maria's life, to eventually be a distant guest who, however, still tries to come to visit. Fortunately, there has been a long time between visits.

Today, Maria has a large toolbox of tools that help her if stress and anxiety come knocking again. Yoga takes up a lot of space in that toolbox, but there are also many other nice things in that box.

After 30 min. presentation, Maria will guide you through a 30-minute Power flow, where we slide from position to position with the help of our breath. In Power yoga, the focus is on our breathing, which helps and guides us from position to position. You will therefore achieve a presence in each asana and the multitude of thoughts will be paused in your flow. Power yoga works to find the balance, so even though it is a YANG inspired approach to yoga, YIN and calm also fill a Power yoga class. We cannot be one without the other. Balance is the key word. 

Anyone can participate, even if you've never tried yoga before. Most people know of a fast-paced life, so the evening is very much for you who want to hear from someone else how you can create balance in an everyday life that takes place in high gear. 

The masterclass starts with a Pranayama and ends with Savasana. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat.

There is a maximum number of participants of 15. 

About Maria - Maria Abildgaard is RYT 200 in Power Yoga from the yoga training at YOGA HUSET Aalborg. Maria lives and works in Aalborg and teaches several classes a week, both in Power yoga, HOT yoga, Flow yoga and Restorative yoga for Aab. In Maria's classes, the age range is from 11-75 years, which largely proves that Power yoga is for everyone, regardless of age. Maria is an ambassador for Goyogi and has her own blog, where you can get to know Maria better www.mariaabildgaard.dk


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