2019-09-13, Late summer retreat in Himmerland

A weekend course in the Greenhouse in Himmerland, where it is possible to immerse yourself in the well-being of the body with yoga, meditation and delightful, local, organic vegetarian food.

Over the weekend, you will experience a wonderful interaction between physical exercises that make the body flexible, meditation that trains the mind, and immersion in vegetarian cooking that keeps the stomach pleasantly light.

It will be yoga for everyone with a focus on opening the body and freeing the mind. During the course, we will mainly work with asanas that open up the body. The focus will be especially on the shoulders, hips and chest. When the body opens up, we also become more open as people, as we become happier and more relaxed.

The primary reason for performing yoga poses ("asanas") is originally to be able to sit and meditate for a longer period of time. Mindfulness and meditation are fitness for the mind, gymnastics for the brain. Healthy for everyone.



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