New collection from Moonchild Yoga Wear

The new collection from Moonchild Yoga Wear has arrived.

Moonchild Yoga Wear is a Danish eco-conscious activewear brand. Build on a dream to bring you top quality yoga and activewear which is unique and environmental friendly. Each style tells it's own story and is designed with passion for yoga, fitness and fashion.

The AW 2016/17 Collection “Havana” is inspired by exploring the 4 corners of the world and introduces five new exciting prints dedicated to cultural diversity and human unity. 

The Havana Collection is full of beautiful and subtle colors blended with the feminine minimalism from our Scandinavian heritage.

Moonchild Yoga Wear is designed in Denmark and made in EU with certified eco-friendly Italian fabrics. We are committed to eco-responsibility, and are mindful of every decision we make in the manufacturing process.

Action Child Aid (Aktion Børnehjælp) and Moonchild Yoga Wear have agreed to collaborate and support vulnerable children in India. You support children and youngsters in India with education and health, when you buy Moonchild Yoga Wear’s AW 2016/17 Collection. 

In India 48 million stunted children lives and education and health is most needed. Action Child Aid have many years of experience in supporting and assisting the most needed children. Every year ACA helps more than 4.000 children and their families with education and nutrition through sponsorship program and through support to four local organizations, all working with vulnerable children.

In the beginning of 2016, the dialogue between Moonchild Yoga Wear and Action Child Aid started, from a point of departure of making a difference to others, and contribute to the fulfillment of the UN SDG’s. The cooperation ensures a substantial percentage of the Moonchild Yoga Wear sale of the Autumn/Winther collection will go to Action Child Aid’s work with children in the southern part of India.

One of Action Child Aid’s four Indian partners is running a children’s home in Kanyakumari at the very southern spot of India. Every day the children at the home are practicing yoga, to improve their concentration and health and maximize their learning at school.  

As part of the cooperation, the Danish super model Solveig Moerk, from Unique Models, travelled to Denmark from New York and volunteered to model for the A/W collection. The Danish photographer Gitte Post is likewise an important part of the cooperation.

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