The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Also, let's be real, the busiest.

Suddenly, there are places to be, people to see, gifts to give, and lots of memories to make. Our handy Gift Guide should solve for one of these to-dos, but we wanted to share our tips for conquering the rest of your holiday season with ease. 

1. Shop early.
Okay, so we're a little biased... but hear us out. When you leave shopping until the last minute you scramble to cover everyone on your list, spending more money without putting very much thought into your purchases. Do yourself (and your loved ones) a favor and start now! Spend this month browsing, reflecting and purchasing so that come the December chaos, you can relax at home with friends and family instead of scouring the shops for last minute panic splurges.

2. Travel thoughtfully. 
Don't get us wrong, waiting in crowded airports isn't our favorite use of time but with a little prep it's certainly not the worst. Accept that long lines are a thing. If you leave early (don't forget there's just as much traffic getting to the airport, as there is inside it) and come armed with a sandwich, snacks, water bottle and audiobook (here's one we loved recently) -- any delays are just bonus "me time".

3. Move!
It'll feel good after all that sitting around at the airport. Plus, the real secret to holiday cheer is endorphins. Go for a walk with your family after meals. Invite a friend to take a yoga class with you. Or, hole up in your room before relatives come over to recharge with a little at-home practice. 

4. Put down your phone.
We know, easier said than done. It's a huge temptation to catch up on work or binge on social feeds. Here's the thing. There will always be more emails and Instagrams. Holidays come but once a year. Give yourself permission to not feel guilty, or make comparisons. This is your time to unplug and catch up with loved ones IRL.

5. Be of service to others.
This is just as much for your own sanity as for others. Do some dishes without being asked. Donate your old winter coats to a shelter. Buy yoga wear that support kids in need. Simple acts like this are considered "karma yoga" or "the yoga of action" and purify the heart in the yogi tradition.

Share your favorite tips to de-stress this season in the comments below or get a jump start on holiday shopping with our Gift Guide

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