Top 5 Blogs and Magazines About Yoga


Before we get to the third month of 2015, we wanted to take a closer look at some great yoga blogs and magazines that we read on a daily basis - we’re really excited to share them with our fellow yogis (that’s you!).

And while these are our top 5 picks, we list them below in no particular order. They are all great in their own ways, so let’s get right to it, shall we? 3 of them are in English and 2 of them in Danish/Norwegian.

Here are our favorite yoga blogs for 2015:

DailyCupOfYoga (English) – Owner Brian touches topics reaching from yoga books, gear, apps, tech, and videos to more practical yoga stuff (there’s a dedicated section on meditation). By the way, DailyCupOfYoga is definitely an evergreen and has been around for years!

Yoga Buzz (English) – Yoga Buzz is the yoga news and trends section at Yoga Journal and we love it because it doesn’t “sell” yoga to you as some other blogs tend to do. They cover even the complex and touchy subjects like the social, political, and religious aspects of yoga practice.

Yoganonymous (English) –  Yoganonymous has evolved into one of the largest yoga blogs on the web. And it covers a lot of ground, be it yoga music, yoga practice, wellness, lifestyle, healthy eating or even weekly horoscopes. Also check out their Facebook page, it has a huge community and is fun to follow.

YOGAMAG (Danish) – er et blogasin om yogalivsstil stiftet i 2014 af journalist og forfatter Karen Pallisgaard, Journalist og radiovært Louise Lolle og produktions- og indspilningsleder Anne Kathrine Hermansen. Desuden er alle tre uddannede yogalærere og arbejder med yoga til daglig. DE udgør tilsammen redaktionen bag Yogamag og skriver om emner og produkter, som de personligt kan stå inde for.

Yogamagasinet (Norwegian) – er en Norsk plattform for yoga-entusiaster som ønsker å dele sin kunnskap med andre likesinnede. De ønsker å være en ressurs for alle dine daglige yoga-behov. Fra produktnyheter og helseråd til yoga-instruksjoner og -guider.

If you are now inspired to start your own yoga blog or feel your blog should be on our next list we would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email us at or leave a comment below to share your yoga passion with fellow yogis at 

*This list is no particular order.

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