Tax free shopping from Norway at

When shopping from Norway at we offer you tax-free shopping. That means that the VAT which is 25% is refunded immediately after your purchase.

As an example, as the VAT rate on your purchase is 25% and the order value is displayed as DKK 1.000,- including VAT, the VAT will be DKK 200,- (800 + 25% VAT = DKK 1.000,-). You will place the order for DKK 1.000,- and immediately after confirming you order is to be shipped to Norway - DKK 200,- will be refunded.

When the goods arrive in Norway - you will have to pay import tax directly with the Norwegian tax authority. This is normally less than the VAT refunded by goyogi and your purchase ends out cheaper or equal to shopping at a Norwegian store.

Your order value DKK 1.000,-
VAT to be refunded DKK    200,-
Shipping costs DKK    199,-
Import tax in Norway DKK 0 - 100 (10% estimated)
Your total costs DKK 1.000 - 1.100,-


If you have any questions to shopping from Norway please contact us at

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