The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gear

Manduka LiveON Yogamåtter / Yoga Mats 


Why It’s Cool: Infinitely Recyclable

Made from 100 percent recyclable, super cushy foam, Maduka’s closed cell LiveON Yoga Mat won’t absorb moisture, microbes, or bacteria. Its extra grippy surface keeps you from slipping, and it stretches and rebounds better than other spongy EVA mats. It’s infinitely up-cyclable: the foam doesn’t lose integrity when you recycle it. After you’ve saluted the sun so many times you’ve worn your LiveON out, sent it to Manduka or PLUSfoam and they’ll turn it into a new mat, flip-flops, or a wetsuit.


PLUSfoam & Manduka LiveON Yoga Collection from PLUSfoam Technologies on Vimeo.


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